Puf Support

BEARDSELL LIMITED a company established in 1936, has steered itself successfully in the EPS industry. Since its establishment the company has grown multifold and has always met the growing needs of the market. Our professional team’s excellence and committed service in providing quality products has helped the company to reach the forefront.

We have famous brand name for our EPS products, such as:

It is a versatile expanded rigid cellular polyurethane foam manufactured to international standard using the most modern technology for air conditioning of commercial complex insulation, cold storage and to manufacture up to -2000 c temperature refrigerated room and pharmaceutical and chemical industries for hot and cold insulation and pipeline insulation etc.

Wide Temperature Range
  • Most ideal insulation for temperature ranging from - 2000C to+ 1500C
  • Dimensionally stable even at around 200uC for shorter thermal exposure
Greater Cost Effectiveness:

Fomathane" has the lowest 'k' value among insulating materials. hence minimum thickness is required to achieves the same thermal effectiveness. As exposed surface area is considerably less, the material required for vapour barrier and outside cladding of piping, vessels, tanks and less, equipment is minimal - which means considerable saving on electricity and other ancillaries.

Self - extinguishing:
  • Has a high fire resistance rating.
  • Does not melt or drip in fire.
  • Meets the stringent requirements of the British Board of Trade for shipboard insulation and U.S. Bureau of Mines.
  • Conforms to BS 476 Part7, 1971 Class 1
Higher Mechanical Strength
  • Fomathane is rigid and sturdy; structurally strong and dimensionally stable
  • Fomathane is rigid and sturdy; structurally strong and dimensionally stable.
  • Does not change shape or size under usage condition

FOMATHANE Technical Specification

Property Unit Volume
Density Kg/M3 32
Thermal Conductivity W/M/M2OC 0.02
  BTU – in OF  
  Hr sft 0.14
Compressive Strength   172
Parallel KN/M2 117
Tensile Strength   186
Parallel KN/M2 165
Temperature Limits   -200 to +150
Continuous 0C +200
Water Vapour g/M2 60
transmission per inches 2

FOMATHANE Applications:

  • Sheet for Walls, under Deck and Over Deck Insulation
  • Pipe Section for Chilled Water Pipelines etc
  • Flooring Insulation in Cold Storage, Boats Insulation and Floats.
  • PUF Pipe Supports

PUF Support available in various size and densities