ISOTEK Cold Storage Door

Cold Storage Door

We offer energy-efficient and excellent cold room doors combined with state-of-the-art technology to meet the demanding cold storage industry requirements. We fully understand the fact that temperature control in the cold storage door plays a key role in the long life of products. That's why our doors in the chiller, freezer and blast freezer room are made of high-quality materials that give you the best sealing and trouble-free service. Our innovative cold storage doors are suitable for your specific application requirements in combination with fast operation and superior seal design.

  • Splendidly clean appearance
  • Easily replaceable EPDM gaskets
  • High grade PA rollers enables everlasting. Frictionless movement
  • Complete hermetically sealing with down and in movement.
Cold Storage Door

At Beardsell we use only best-in-quality hardware and accessories to give the products a long cand damage-free life.