Beardsell Limited is a Leading manufacturer of Geofoam (EPS) products in India. Geofoam is a rigid moulded expanded polystyrene (EPS). That has been used in construction of roads & other geotechnical applications.

EPS geofoam manufactured by Beardsell Limited is a lightweight foam that's developed into blocks and commonly used as a structural geofoam backfill.

Uses of Geofoam Blocks
  • Made for project locations with weak soil
  • Perfect for projects with short timelines
  • Provides soil frost protection
  • Extremely high strength to density ratio
  • High compression rates
  • A natural thermal insulator
  • Easily transported
  • Costs less
Geofoam – Mechanical Properties
  • Strength increases with density. (Normally use as per the technical requirement -16 to 32 kg density)
  • Shock absorbing capacity depends on the bead size processing conditions as well as density
Geofoam – Physical Properties

Water Resistant

  • Provides negligible capillarity
  • Water or water vapours have negligible effect on the mechanical properties of Geofoam.
Dimensional Stability
  • Geofoam offer dimensional stability remaining unaffected within a wide range of ambient factors
  • Maximum dimensional change is less than 2%
Thermal Insulation
  • The uniform closed cellular structure of Geofoam is highly resistant to heat flow
Environmentally Friendly
  • Geofoam is not aqua toxic
  • Geofoam is inert in the soil
  • Does not affect ground water quality hence relatively clean construction adjacent to waterways
Other EPS Products used in construction process
  • EPS Sheets – Used for Expansion joints & also use as shock absorption in bridges
  • EPS Beads – i) Used for lightweight concrete & concrete blocks for construction
    ii) Light weight Sandwich Panels of concrete for Construction
  • EPS Slabs & Blocks - Used for dead wall gap and void filling
Geofoam Applications
  • New highway and road construction
  • Temporary road construction
  • Bridge abutments
  • Landslide areas with weak soil
  • Artificial landscapes / Gardening
  • Fill (Roads, Parking lots etc.)
  • Society & Public Garden
  • Airfield pavements
  • Sound reducing barrier walls